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In 2003 Adam Morton was looking for a local outlet for his fish with some added value to make the fishing viable and with a decline in people on holiday willing to prepare and cook their own fish a take away outlet seemed worth a try. The plan was initially to serve for 2 hours a night, one day a week at Little Arthur Cafe for 20 people; however we had nearly 30 customers on the first night and soon had to open for another night. Very soon we were serving 20-40 people each night on Tuesdays and Thursdays through the summer. The following year our customers nominated us for the BBC Radio 4 Food and Farming Awards for the 'best takeaway' category, which we were runner up in. This provided another popularity boost and we were soon turning orders away as we had neither the room for more eat in customers, or the kitchen space to accommodate more staff to carry out more takeaways. The next phase was set when our customers again in 2008 nominated us for the same BBC Radio 4 Food and Farming award, this time we won. This to start with was a mixed blessing as we were turning away masses of potential orders and the stress and strain was proving too much in the tiny kitchen at Little Arthur Cafe even on 3 nights a week, with inadequate space, limited frying capacity, no room for a dishwasher or facility for serving alcohol which was being asked for repeatedly. So the next logical step was to expand into our own purpose built premises.
Another bonus with the new building is that we can extend the season, even opening during the winter for the locals when there is little or no where else open should you wish to eat out. Fiona now runs the business and Adam still does the cooking after catching the fish, well most of it, the rest is caught by Ian Mitchell on the Sowena, so still local.
Adams brother James is still finding time to grow most of our potatoes so in spite of the business growing in size we can still retain the quality and our original ethos which is to supply good simple food wherever possible from and around the island using only the best quality produce.
Finding a location for this was extremely difficult as we live in an area of outstanding natural beauty and with most locations too close to housing. After a lot of searching we found a spot. Mr Perkins our neighbour, kindly agreed to let us have a plot on some disused land a mere 100 yards from our old location at Little Arthur. After struggling through the planning process and eventually gaining a table licence we now have our new building sited just off the east'ard end of Pool Green. The signs are good as most of the tables are booked most nights of the week and we still retain a healthy take away trade for those that wish to eat in the comfort of their own homes or sit on the beach and enjoy the quiet